Player Awards History

Date Last Earned sort-descending.gif Name Description Kills on Day
2020-02-03 ROCKET MAN kills with rpg 354
2020-02-03 Our Hero... Kill, Killstreak. 50
2020-01-12 Pew pew laz0r beams kills with railgun 12
2020-01-04 Super Shots kills with super shotgun 2
2019-12-22 Spannerz kills with spanner 5
2019-12-20 Automated Defense kills with SG 10
2019-12-15 Fat-Suzy's Fav' Fatty kills with ass cannon 51
2019-12-14 Bangerang kills with mirv grenade 8
2019-11-26 N00b shotwhore kills with normal shotgun 2
2019-07-04 Fragger kills with frag grenade 6
2019-06-02 Low ping bastard ms average connection 2
2019-01-08 Emp'eror kills with emp grenade 7
2017-12-08 Spamwhore kills with blue pipes 2
2017-11-26 KABOOM! kills with detpack 1
2017-10-18 Super Nails kills with super nailgun 2

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